Countdown to ATATN: 5 Reasons We Love Laia

The Excellent Library


A few days ago, one of our favorite book bloggers, Danielle, reached out to me (this is Allie talking. Libby doesn’t know anything about this. Libby, if you’re reading this, hi. Also, text me back) on Twitter about rereading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir before the sequel drops on August 30th. And I was like, YES OF COURSE AND ALSO PLEASE BECOME MY BEST FRIEND IMMEDIATELY (the second part might not have actually happened, but it was definitely conveyed through the disproportionate amount of exclamation points and all caps I used.)

What does this mean? Over the next five days, Danielle and I will be counting down to the release of ATATN on both of our blogs (contingent upon me actually remembering to blog every day) with a series of posts about AEITA, creatively called “Countdown to A Torch Against the Night,” because I decided my working title…

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