REVIEW: A Storm of Swords **spoilers**

Well, I’ve seemed to take an unplanned blogging hiatus this summer, and I blame myself and George R.R. Martin.

I am a fast reader. Long book or short, I tend to read quicker than most people. A Song of Ice and Fire, however, is taking me forever. I’m not quite sure what it is. I’ve been in a reading funk this summer overall, so maybe it’s that, but I’m also just taking ages to get through these books. It’s been one month since I posted the review of A Clash of Kings and I’ve only just finished A Storm of Swords.

But, finish it I have. And that means it’s time for a (spoilery) review.


REVIEW: A Storm of Swords, George R.R. Martin
Published: 2003
Length: 1,216

Most Memorable Line(s): “Old stories are like friends,she used to say. You have to visit them from time to time.”
>> I mean, how sweet is that thought? It’s great, and further validates my penchant for rereading.

What I liked: This book was rough for me to get through. I liked it more than the second, with the addition of Jaime’s point of view and no Theon, but it was a lot. Until the Red Wedding, I didn’t feel like there was much point to the book at all. Again, the best viewpoints, for me, are Tyrion and Sansa. And Jaime was fantastic. I enjoy Davos as well. Littlefinger… well… damn. He’s THE WORST. But what a great, complicated character. I hate him. Let me be clear. I hate his character – but that’s why he’s so great. He’s even fooled Tyrion, who’s the most clever person in the story. So it was really cool to get that wrap up. I also don’t hate that Lysa is out of the story now. She was annoying. Let’s also talk about the best death scene we’ve been given so far: Joffery’s. The Red Wedding was a bit brutal. I felt so sad for Robb and Catelyn, who both knew that something wasn’t going to be perfect but still tried to be honorable. But really, Joffery’s was the better death overall. It was less expected (who thought it was a good idea to go to the Frey’s anyway) and more satisfying with the loss of a character. And yikes, there’s so much going on (not a plus) that I almost forgot about the Jon Snow storyline. I’m glad he’s back at the Night’s Watch, but I was sad Ygritte’s death was so glossed over. I guess there was just too much other killing Martin needed to get to. This book really pulled out the big guns for killing people. Blew the first two out of the water.

What I didn’t like: Okay, the travel is getting a bit much for me. I felt for a long, long time that nothing was happening in this book. A good friend of mine countered that, saying the travel was great to make him realize how big this world is. And I get that… but it’s still not for me. I want happenings to happen SOMEWHERE for a reason. I love Bran’s story line, but until he met Sam (whose inclusion as a POV was interesting but ultimately unsatisfying) I just felt like there was no reason for it in this book. And still, I’m tired of Dany’s storyline. She’s a wonderful humanitarian – I love how much she stands for slaves and the oppressed. But I just can’t care about her story. I don’t really feel connected to her at all. The War of the Roses happened in England, and you don’t see the House of York complaining that the Tudors and the House of Lancaster ‘usurped’ them all the time. It’s a bit exhausting, to be honest. I also find Jorah Mormont super creepy.

Grade: 7/10…Luckily, Martin packed enough plot and fun in the last few hundred pages that I pretty much forgive him for how slow this started? But not fully. I think it’s time for me to take a break from Westeros.


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