REVIEW: The Hidden Oracle (Trials of Apollo Book 1)

Wahoo! Rick Riordan is back with in his newest series, The Trials of Apollo. A direct sequel series to Heroes of Olympus, we get to find out what happens to our favorite heroes (and gods) after the defeat of Gaea.

***Now, I have to say, there will be SOME spoilers for this book, as well as for the ending of The Blood of Olympus. So if you haven’t read that and don’t want to know, don’t read this! (Particularly the “What I Didn’t Like” section)***


REVIEW: The Hidden Oracle, Rick Riordan
Published: 2016
Length: 361

Plot: So what happens to a god who almost maybe destroyed the world? He’s punished by his father, Zeus, to live as a mortal in NYC. Now that Apollo is cursed with mortality – as a 16-year-old named Lester, to boot – he’s got to find a way to old friends with new friends along the way. What can he do to save face and regain immortality?

Most Memorable Line(s):  “And now, heavens help me, I was one of you. Just another meat sack.”

What I liked: Pretty much everything! I was really pleasantly surprised at this book. I was shocked at how much character growth and development Riordan was able to put into the characters (old,new, and godly) in just 361 pages. I love the inclusion of characters from the past – they’re in it enough to show that it’s a really connected series without feeling overwhelming. I really, really hope Rachel Dare is as big a part of the series as I’m hoping she’ll be. I also loved the introduction of Meg. I think she’s a super clever character, but also more realistic as a 12-year-old than many of Riordan’s characters have been. Like, I never saw Percy and Annabeth as “young” kids, even in the early books where they’re 12 or 13. They never fully had that childlike characteristic about them. Meg very much does – which you see in her reactions to the Beast and her step-father. It’s possible that’s also because I’m older now? But I mean, I was 19 when I started reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. I’m 25 now, can my perspective on writing really change that much? Probably, but I think it was Riordan here, not me. In a good way. I think she needed to be more childlike and stubborn, especially for Apollo and where he starts as he deals with mortality. I’m so excited to see where he goes throughout the rest of the series.

***Remember, spoilers ahead***

What I didn’t like: So my big thing for this book that I didn’t like is actually tied into something that I loved – Leo’s return. Sure, we found out that he lived and rescued Calypso at the end of The Blood of Olympus, but our other characters didn’t know that. I wish that we hadn’t found out immediately that Leo had contacted them so soon after. I so would’ve loved for them to be unaware that he was still alive and have him show up the way he did at the end. I understand that there’s no way the Hephaestus kid would’ve built a beacon for him without knowing that he was alive, but I think you TOTALLY could’ve spun it that a young boy wanted hope for his brother and therefore built a beacon for him. It just felt a little anti-climactic for me, honestly. I wanted everyone to be more shocked and in awe by his survival; or at least, I wanted to see their shock and awe.

Grade:8/10, a great foundation to this series.


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