REVIEW: The Hidden Oracle (Trials of Apollo Book 1)

Wahoo! Rick Riordan is back with in his newest series, The Trials of Apollo. A direct sequel series to Heroes of Olympus, we get to find out what happens to our favorite heroes (and gods) after the defeat of Gaea. ***Now, I have to say, there will be SOME spoilers for this book, as well… Continue reading REVIEW: The Hidden Oracle (Trials of Apollo Book 1)


Bookish Pet Peeve #11: The Interrupter

Originally posted on 101 Books:
Imagine with me, if you will: Crashing waves. Sandy beach. Shaded umbrella. Light breeze. Margarita. Entrancing novel. Maybe a dozing husband or wife by your side. Is that your happy place? It’s one of mine. But let’s add another element to that peaceful, serene setting. “Hey there, what’cha readin’?” That’s your…