March Madness: The Final Four

We’ve officially left March, but March Madness rolls on in FifteenThousandPages.

Down to the last few match-ups…

1 The Serpent of Venice vs 1 Saint Anything
Winner: The Serpent of Venice, Christopher Moore
Another difficult decision for me. These final four books are all so different from one another, I’m really not sure how I’m going to make any decisions. Sarah Dessen’s 12th novel is a special one, but Christopher Moore’s colorful satire ultimately comes away with this win. That book is so clever and creative, its characters so wonderful, that it couldn’t lose. To see the narrative of “the fool” in Shakespeare’s plays and turn that into two books? (Serpent is technically a sequel, though it totally stands on its own). It’s just phenomenal. Pocket, the aforementioned fool, is so perfectly done – despite his vulgar nature – that I had to put him in the finals.

1 The Night Circus vs 1 To Kill a Mockingbird
Winner: To Kill a Mockingbird
Another difficult match-up, but this was also fairly easy if we’re being honest with each other. While The Night Circus is a beautiful, enchanting, luxurious novel about love, friendship and sacrifice, To Kill a Mockingbird is just… important. It’s important, it’s groundbreaking, and it’s beautifully intense. You don’t realize until after Jem breaks his arm the kind of stress you’ve been holding in waiting for ‘the moment’ something would go bad for the Finches. It’s an incredibly subtle suspense throughout a majority of the novel. And it’s that quality that pushes the book forward.

So now we’re down to our final two: The satire vs. The Great American Novel. Who will win?


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