March Maaaaaaaadness!

Okay, so if I had been smart – or had any time the last week or so to write – I would’ve created some elaborate bracket about book characters, etc. to celebrate the start of the NCAA March Madness tournament on St. Patty’s Day. However, I have not done that, so I’m starting today!

Over on the Times Union Book Blog, I’m doing a Character Craziness tournament. But here, I wanted to do something a little more #Fifteenthousandpages focused! So my bracket is fully of the books I’ve read for my challenges in 2015 and 2016 so far.

At final count, I read 40 books in 2015, and 7 so far this year (yikes! slacker). To make it easier for the bracket, I whittled that number down to 32. To do that, I eliminated any Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books I read, which left me with 33. To get to the magic number of 32, I eliminated Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary, because it was my least favorite book and would have obviously been cut in the first round anyway.

So, with that done, I went about figuring out my regions. It ended up working out almost perfect. Almost. I split things up initially by genre:Young Adult, Children’s, Contemporary Lit, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Nonfiction. I had a perfect 8 for YA, so was done there. But I only had 7 for Children’s, 5 for Sci-Fi/Fantasy, 2 for Nonfiction and 12 for Contemporary Lit. I needed to finagle.

Long story short, I put To Kill a Mockingbird in the Children’s section, moved Dan Brown to Genres (AKA Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Nonfiction and now Thriller) and then I was good. Four lovely, 8-book brackets.


If you were doing this bracket, which books would you choose to advance? Find out who I choose tomorrow!



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