My Bookish Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely readers!

So, my Other Half and I are a little weird about Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is actually the eighth of February, so it seems a little strange to celebrate that AND then do something big for the Day of Love. Instead, we have a nicer dinner and then just hang out. It works for us.

But this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something for him on the blog – which he’s been so incredibly supportive about since I started it. He even suggested I write a post for Valentine’s Day about the books he enjoys, since he’s my Valentine. It was a moment of wonderfully being on the same page.

I’m pretty lucky with my Other Half: he loves books just as much as I do – even if he’s not reading constantly in the way I am.

In our place, we currently have 5 bookshelves and 1 hutch that functions as a bookshelves, giving us a total of 6. We actually just recently finished painting our sixth bookshelf (more on that in another post!). When we moved in, we stacked all of our boxes of books along a wall, and they literally took up the entire length of the wall. At that moment we realized we might be addicted. Oops!

So to celebrate my years with my Other Half, my Bookish Valentine, here are five books I love that he loves.

  1.  Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow: This is twofold… For one, it gives me more of a reason to say “hey let’s go see this Broadway play!” and have him react without a groan. But really, this massive biography is the perfect representation of his love for knowledge and history. My Other Half reads more nonfiction than I ever could, and it all stems from the fact that he loves to learn. He loves to know things, and he finds it interesting to gain more
  2. The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter, Ian O’Connor: Okay, so this is a bit of a pat on the back for me, since I bought this book for my Other Half as a gift for his birthday two years ago. But that’s not the only reason I’m excited he loves it. My Other Half is extremely passionate about the Yankees. And I love that – I’m just as passionate about the Mets. I love that we can bond over sports – even though we like different teams – and that he’s willing to be so invested in things.
  3. John Grisham/David Baldacci books: Alright maybe I’m cheating again, but my Other Half literally has 3 full shelves of these authors at home, so I say it’s okay. No one will ever say these books are “literature.” They will never be considered high class, or important reads. But they are important for a reason: these authors and their books are often simply enjoyable. And that’s why I’m happy he reads them. I want him to simply let go and enjoy life. He’s someone who’s always working, always thinking, always planning. It’s nice to know he’s got that part in him where he’ll just curl up on the couch or in bed and stick his face in a book that “doesn’t matter.”41sekms271l-_sy344_bo1204203200_
  4. Islands in the Stream, Ernest Hemingway: This is a novel that I have promised my Other Half I’ll read. And I will…at some point… He’s a big Hemingway fan and this posthumously published novel is his favorite. Why do I care about his favorite Hemingway novel, you ask? Because I LOVE fiction. And knowing that my Other Half can appreciate “the classics” in the way I do, well, that means something to me! It’s all about common ground. Being able to talk to someone about what a piece of fiction means to them is pretty much everything. (Yes, I’m a lame book nerd. Haven’t I already established that?)
  5. Wisdom of Our Fathers, Tim Russert: This is a book I actually didn’t know about until looking for this post, oops. But I was asking my Other Half about books he loves and he immediately brought this one out. I completely knew why. A complilation of letters from sons and daughters to their fathers, this book immensely represents the love my Other Half has for his family. He’s an only child, so his parents are people who mean the world to him. As a person who loves her family, it means so much to me that my person also loves his in the same way.


Honorary Mention: The Harry Potter Series! Obviously I talk about this series too much, so I went in another direction for this post. But my Other Half and I both love HP and the Wizarding World. And If you love HP, there is a high percentage that I would love you.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful Other Half! Thanks for always indulging me and going to Barnes & Noble, even if it means we have to buy another bookshelf.



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