It’s Christmas!

Wow, I am the worstttttttttttt at keeping up with timely posts.

I missed the last two days of our books of Christmas! Sorry, lovely readers. But I’m here to make up for it. One last bang of a post for the 12 Books of Christmas!

Our last two:

Eleven Pipers Piping!

And: Twelves Drummers Drumming!

Ending with music! I love it.

Figuring out a book to rec for 11 pipers piping was really hard, I’m not going to lie. There was the obvious ‘Pied Piper’ reference, buuuuuut I wanted something else. For 12 drummers, well, I had a book planned for that from the beginning!

And now, the Books: The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern & An Ember in the Ashes, Sabaa Tahir

These two books are two of the best books I read this year (more on that in a forthcoming post!).

For our 11th book of Christmas, I picked The Night Circus. While it doesn’t have any pipers in it directly,  the book felt musical to me when I read it. The way Morgenstern crafts the central conflict of the book is like a great song, it starts out slow, builds and builds, and then it’s like a crescendo. The way things resolve are so satisfying, you feel like you do at the end of a really great song. Plus, pipers are so, so incredible. And so was this book.

Our 12th and final book, An Ember int he Ashes, is less metaphoric: The idea of drums is really important to the function of the book! The drums are essentially a communication tool at Briarcliff Academy, where one of the main characters, Elias, trains and learns. The way Tahir writes the drums though, is the best part. In my mind they’re so massive I can feel the beat in my heart like a loud bass. The drums are just one aspect of this book that kept me hooked all the way through. 

Who to Give them to: Both of these books are great for teens and young adults. They deal so much with the struggle of becoming who you are and learning to make choices on your own. I think reluctant readers would love these two books as well because they have literally layers of plot each!


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