The Tenth Day…

We’re so close! Today is Day 10 of our wonderful 12 Books of Christmas rec list!

So, on the tenth day of Christmas, what did my true love give?

Ten Lords a Leaping! Woo! That sounds exhausting.


I had a lot of questions coming into this post: What does ten lords a leaping even mean? What were they so excited about? How in the WORLD do I find a book that reminds me of this line?

But ultimately, I went the simplest direction: just recommend a great book, and it all falls into place.

The Book: Lord of the Flies, William Golding

See!? When you find a great book it all falls into place. I chose this book over my first thought (Harry Potter! LORD Voledmort, duh!) after my other half gave me this little quip: well there are like 10 boys trying to be lord of the flies…

Too good, right? Clearly, I thought so. But really, multiple boys on that island were LEAPING to be the one in charge. And my goodness did each make an impact. This is a book that impacted me SO MUCH when I first read it in high school. While it’s been a while, it’s still one I think back on with such reverence. And if a book makes you feel that way, you should gift it so others can feel that way, too.

Who to Give it To: Rowdy teenage boys. Ha! Teach people a lesson maybe? I’m mostly joking. But I do think this book is great for teens – boys and girls alike. It’s a book that, while easy to understand the moral compass that guides (or doesn’t) each character, still makes you think and contemplate the way we act in the difficult situations.


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