For the 9th Book of Christmas…

We are so close to Christmas! Can you believe it? Are you guys all sick of me blogging, yet? Do you want me to take a day off? Soon, lovely readers, soon.

Anyway, today is day 9. As in: Nine ladies dancing!


Wahoo! I’m a terrible dancer, but I certainly have fun with it. This day definitely gave me pause for a book recommendation though. Have I ever read a book which focused on dancing? Or anything with the number 9? I wasn’t quite sure. But then, I may have stumbled onto something…

The Book: Cinderella Tales from Around the World, SurLaLune

So, obviously, Cinderella dances her heart out with the prince, which is why I chose this book for day 9. But this book is more than just a simple Cinderella goes to the ball book; this is a compilation of Cinderella-esque stories from a bunch of different cultures across the planet. Compiled by Heidi Anne Heiner of SurLaLune (her website, essentially), we get to see the classic Cinderella story play out in many ways. I was lucky enough to see Heiner speak when I went to Nashville two years ago for the Southern Festival of Books. She (as was the festival as a whole) was fantastic.

As many of you know, I love fairy tales. I love what fairy tales bring to the realm of storytelling, and I think this, or any book with Cinderella in it, makes a wonderful gift.

Who to Give it To: Fairy Tale lovers and kids! And any hopeless romantic you know. For anyone who loves Disney’s Cinderella, or Grimm’s Cinderella, or fairy tales in general, this is a great way to open their eyes to the way stories travel across cultures. Plus, who doesn’t want to see the kind, bullied girl win over and over and over?!


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