For the third book of Christmas…

We’re on day 3 of my Books of Christmas! And today is a book I’m really excited about.

But first, to analyze the gift from my true love: 3 French Hens.


My other half informed me that this is likely a cooking reference, because I honestly wasn’t sure why the “French” mattered. So! Food! Yum. Food is often the center of our lives, and therefore tends to also feature prominently in many books. So that’s where I decided to go with today’s book rec.

The Book: Saint Anything, Sarah Dessen

Yay! I love any chance to talk about this book because it was just so, so good. Dessen is the literal QUEEN of YA because she writes books that are raw and real, and she never holds back when making a character go through something that might not be the easiest, and you really see that with Sydney in this book. But I didn’t choose Saint Anything today for Sydney, I chose it for Layla, and her french fries.

Much of the book talks about Layla’s obsession with french fries: what the best trifecta is, how to eat ketchup, and a whole host of other factors. I know fries are such a simple food compared to the feast I picture when I think of French Hens, but can you imagine creating the perfect trifecta of fries? Would it be McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s together? Or three local fries? Would there be waffle fries involved? So many choices! In a book that deals with some heavy stuff, Layla and her french fry lifestyle are a wonderful reminder of life’s whimsy.

Who to Give it To: ANYONE! I’m serious. While Dessen is known as the YA Queen, this book really seems like it’s the start of a transition for her. It was a little softer, a little more subtle, and packed a major punch. If you’ve got someone in your life who needs to get out of a reading funk, this book will do it. If you’ve got someone who loves beautiful covers, this book has it. If there’s someone you know who seems to be going through some stuff, and feeling invisible, this book will let them know they’re not alone. Basically…give this book to someone for Christmas because it’s the right thing to do.



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