The Second Book of Christmas

Two Turtledoves. I swear, I sing that phrase every time I think it. We’re on day two! Which means only eleven until Christmas. It’s been unseasonably warm in New York this December, so I won’t lie it’s nice to have this reminder!


While I  don’t want to focus solely on the “numbers” for these Books of Christmas, the book I chose today presents a different case for me. Yesterday, the partridge was great because it’s in a pear tree. Today, the turtledoves mean something because they’re together. Which is always a wonderful Christmas sentiment.

The Book: Atlantia, Ally Condie

Atlantia is one of the most original stories I think I’ve read. Maybe not in its themes, necessarily (and I don’t mean that in a bad way), but definitely in its execution. It’s a creative force set underwater that deals with a lot of deep feelings (pun kinda intended).

A big thing that most will notice when looking up pictures of “two turtledoves” (as I did for this post) is that in almost every scenario, the birds are touching. I thought that was poignant, especially when talking about Atlantia. Rio, the main character and narrator of our story, is devastated when her twin sister Bay abandons her to go Above. That’s always been Rio’s dream, but she chose to stay Below, due to Bay’s pleas. Rio spends the entire book trying to find the motivation of why she was left behind by the person she always expected to be by her side.

Like I said earlier, today’s post is about the numbers; really, it’s about the pairs. Two turtledoves. A pair. Rio and Bay, as well as Rio and Maire and Rio and True, offer a great look into the strength of a pair. The turtledoves are a great gift because it’s the two of them, together. Atlantia continuously highlights the success we have, even in the most troubling of times, when we’re not alone.

Who to Give it To: Teens (duh!). I know that’s cliche – since this is a YA book. However, this is a book that won’t just be relevant for twins. It’s relevant for teens in general, who so often feel trapped where they are, who aren’t sure of what everyone around them is thinking, and who are always wondering if following their heart or others’ advice is the better options. Basically, this book also would be great for college grads.


Day 1: A Partridge in a Pear Tree


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