The 12 Books of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

A blog series! It’s Christmas season, and I love Christmas. So be prepared, for the next twelve days I’ll be giving my holiday book gift recs, in coordination with the classic song. Let’s see how many good references I can actually find…

So. Day One: A Partridge in a Pear Tree!


When you think about that line, what you’ll end up realizing is that it’s the tree that’s important in the scenario. It’s not just that my true love gave me a bird, it’s that my true love gave me a bird in the tree. So that’s where I got my inspiration for today.

The Book: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee

Okay, so I know I’m a novice and only just read this book. But it’s a book that’s worth reading and it’s definitely worth gifting!

The idea of a tree, especially when thinking of gifts, is a pretty important plot point throughout Mockingbird. For Scout, the gifts she finds in the knot of Boo Radley’s tree are some of the most formative things in her life. She doesn’t realize it at the time, but the little pieces of foil are a stark indicator of Boo’s humanity, whether anyone else believes it exists or not. And when things all seem wrong, those little gifts, before the whole was sealed with concrete, are what she uses to ground herself to remember what’s out there. A glimpse of humanity: What better gift is there to give?

Who to Give it To: Anyone! This book has something for everyone. If your recipient is simply a fan of the classics, there are plenty of different editions of this book that are “nice” to give to them. Or, if your recipient is a strong advocate for social justice, this book is a constant reminder of the good, moral people who are in the world, as well as a reminder of the reasons they fight.


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