The Best Places to Read

It’s fall! I love this season. For one, it starts ON my birthday, so it’s got to be fantastic. But it’s also one of those perfect reading times. Is there anything better than curling up with a good book on a chilly day? NOPE.

The real question is, when it’s getting deep into fall and the days are crisper and the nights come earlier, WHERE should you read? During the summer, all of the outdoors is available to you – when it’s not windy. In the early fall, at least where I live in NY, it’s possible to still get outside to that perfect bench and read for a while, but once mid-October really hits, I wouldn’t suggest it.

So, again, that begs the question, if you can’t read outside, where should you read? Everyone’s going to have a slightly different answer to this question, but that’s okay! Reading’s a deeply personal thing, and it should be celebrated as such. But I think most people can agree on some of the best, most comfortable places to plop down on a chilly day – maybe with a mug of tea or hot apple cider?! – to read a great book.

In my estimation, there are two correct answers to this question, by the way.

One is, a comfy, super padded and squishy chair that you can flip your legs over the side of and still have a spot for your head to be supported. I’m one of those people who enjoys reading almost upside down at times, so on this chair, the arms need to be high enough for my legs to flip over, but can’t be too high for my head to also read the other arm. I’m a short person, so sometimes this does become an issue. A chair like this would be almost perfect:

The only thing it’s missing are thicker arms, sort of like this one:

If I could combine these two chairs, they would make my perfect reading chair. Something fluffy and cushioned with big arms to rest my head, legs, and elbows.

The second answer to my question is: a window seat. However, not just any window seat. A window seat by a NON-DRAFTY window, first, and it’s got to be thick enough to, you know, fit you. It also needs a back rest, because when you’re reading for hours and hours on end you need to make sure you’re properly supported. However, we could substitute the backrest with lots of pillows if necessary! Ideally, this window bench would look like something out of a magazine, sort of like this:

Of course, I have neither of these things in my apartment. Whoops? But I do have two super comfortable couches that I love to read on during the chilly or rainy autumn days. And when it comes down to it, I’ll take either of those any day of the week.

Where are your favorite places to read during Fall (Autumn, whichever you prefer to say), lovely readers?


One thought on “The Best Places to Read

  1. I’m a fan of finding a quiet restaurant with comfy booths in between the lunch and dinner rush to eat a small meal or drink a glass of wine while I read. Also a big fan of reading in my comfy bed, I often end up sleeping with my book 🙂


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