Happy Birthday! (to me and my blog!)

Happy Birthday to Fifteen Thousand Pages! (And me!)

Last year, I was sitting around during the summer and just couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to be putting more time and energy into reading, and to also be truly aware and thinking about the things I read. But I wasn’t quite sure how to accomplish that.

I stewed on it for almost the whole month of September, and finally decided on the best way to make it happen: start a blog! And thus, three days after my birthday, on September 26, 2014, Fifteen Thousand Pages was born.

I’ve read and written a lot in the year that I’m really proud of on this site. It’s led me to be able to write for the blog of my city’s newspaper.

But really, the reason I’m able to keep doing this is because I have such incredible support from all of you, lovely readers. Yes, I write and read for myself but it’s really fun to know that at the other end you’re all there. So, THANK YOU!

I know I’ve been a little less consistent with my posts the last month or so, but I promise I’m picking it up! I’ve only got a couple thousand pages until I reach my goal, and I plan to do it!

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