Travel Note!

Hello, lovely readers!

If you checked out my post from Friday, you’ll know some exciting news: I’m going to London! Ten day vacation! Wooooooooooo! I’m, if you can’t tell, very excited.

There will be some stuff put up while I’m away, from me and from my friend Bryana, who’s graciously agreed to guest post on the blog while I’m gone! Be nice to her, as I know you will be!

But here’s what I need from you, lovely readers: inspiration. What do YOU want to hear about when I come back from such an amazing city? Let me know! And have a wonderful two weeks of blogging while I’m gone.


2 thoughts on “Travel Note!

  1. Jealous!!!! I hope you have an amazing time. If you have time to go to some of the big London bookstores you should (and then tell us about it). It’s so great to see the different covers vs in the states and just a somewhat different atmosphere in general. Also: Harrods food hall.

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