An Early Update

Hello, lovely readers! So, I know I still have a little over a week left in August, so it’s obviously too early to do my bi-monthly update.

HOWEVER, I will most likely not be around my blog at the end of August. Why, you ask? Well, I’m going to LONDON! Weeeeee. *skips around.* My other half has two wonderful friends who live there, so we’re going to visit the two of them. London is my favorite city in the world, so I’m excited to go back to see it!

So because I’m going away, I figured I’d do my update a little early. Don’t worry, the blog won’t be totally radio-silenced while I’m gone, but more on that later.

Now, back to the update. At the end of June, I had read 9,196 pages. While I didn’t expect to read much over the summer, I did better than I expected in July and August – though my August totals received a bump from some well-worn favorites of mine that happen to be 500+ pages each! As of the 21 of August (aka today) I’m up to 12,549 pages! That’s 2,549 pages ahead of where I was ‘scheduled’ to be. Fantastic!

I read 8 books in this month and a half, but unfortunately only 3 of them were new – the other 5 were part of Riordan’s Percy Jackson books. Oops. The new books included a brand new, incredibly written YA bestseller, a hysterical satire, and a book from a well respected, cult-loved author that I just didn’t like that much. The Riordan books are a hodge podge from his original PJO series and his follow up, Heroes of Olympus. Who reads chronologically? Not me!

I’ll post another August update when I come back from London if I manage to read at all during my trip. But either way, I’m really proud of where I’m at in this challenge. It certainly helps that summer is the slow time at my work, but I’ve managed to do a lot while still keeping my book mind sharp and satisfied. It’s going well! Here’s hoping September keeps the good times going!


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