Harry Potter

The Potter-Rowling Gift Exchange

Harry 50th Birthday JK Rowling! And Happy 35th Birthday Harry Potter!

Today’s post is a necessary one. As you’ve all learned over the past few months, I am a MAJOR Potterhead. I love Harry Potter almost more than real people. In fact, I do love Harry Potter characters more than certain real people I know. We won’t get into details.

So in honor of their birthdays, I wanted to take some time to imagine their gift giving skills! (Obviously, for this we need to imagine that Harry Potter does in fact exist in our universe and Rowling broke a bajillion Statute of Secrecy laws to tell his story).

Do you ever think that giving gifts gets harder the more intimately you know a person?  It’s easy to give simple things when you don’t know the inner workings of a person’s brain, when you haven’t necessarily had the 3 a.m. conversations about your deepest secrets, your darkest fears, your strongest hopes. Personally, I don’t mind getting the “simple” gifts for people I’ve known forever – sometimes, that’s what they want. But I’m a big proponent of personal and meaningful, even when it’s simple! (For example, I get Barnes&Noble gift cards all the time. Simple, yet AMAZING).

Harry and Jo have known each other since Harry was born (duh). Jo, along with Molly Weasley, were the only two mothers Harry really ever knew. Thanks, Voldemort. While I don’t think Jo ever has trouble thinking of the perfect gift for Harry, it’s not as easy in the inverse. Harry has never been the best gift giver (thank goodness he’s got Ginny), but we all know he makes sure to personally choose Ms. Rowling’s gift every year. Their shared birthday is crucial, and leaving that gift to someone else just isn’t something Harry would do.

So what, exactly, would they get each other in 2015? Well, it’s time to find out…

Harry to Jo:

This year is Jo’s 50th birthday. That’s a really important one! Half a century! This is a birthday Harry’s been planning for. He’s known for a while what he wants to get her, but it really had to take some maneuvering (and contacts within the ministry).

His gift? The only known written copy of Homer’s epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey. Now, you may argue “there are no written copies!” But we muggles weren’t told the whole story. Homer’s back story is notoriously unknown. It’s assumed he lived around 850 BC in ancient Greece, and we all know that he’s the father of Western literature. In fact, Homer was a wizard with the Ministry of Magic in the early 1900s. Obsessed with history, he used Time Turners to travel into ancient times and record what happened in remote parts of the world. His poems weren’t fiction -they were real and he was there. Of course, this created quite a scandal for the Ministry, which had to set out to do way too many memory modifications and ultimately locked down Time Turners as a result! Most wizards know this story, and everyone knew the Ministry had kept a copy of his original writings. Because of Harry’s influence in the Ministry (uh, duh), he convinced them to do the simple Geminio charm to duplicate his writings so Jo could care for and house the original. Since Jo had so carefully crafted Harry’s own story, the Ministry knew the copy would be in good hands despite its age.

Jo to Harry:

Let’s be honest, Harry picked out a pretty amazing gift for Jo’s 50th, and we all know that she would believe nothing could top that. Despite her immersion in the wizarding world, she’s still a muggle herself. And there are some places the Ministry won’t let her go and see. After crying for what seems like hours, she’s finally ready to present Harry his 35th birthday present.

Her gift to him? An exact replica of the broom he rode in his first quidditch match on the Gryffindor team! As you can imagine, when you’ve got a lot of money, most things are possible. Working with the amazing team at Nimbus, Jo was able to track down the exact forest where Harry’s original broom had first been made! Nimbus discontinued their 2000 line many years ago – simple business practice, really – and Harry, always the sentimental one, has always been sad to not teach his kids on the broom he first really learned on as well. (For those who don’t know, there are still two years before Jo’s epilogue takes place – shhh she has the last unbroken time turner – this means Harry’s kids are roughly 11, 9, and 7ish). With this gift, Jo gives Harry the ability to share even more of his past with his children in ways he was never given the chance with his own. Again: Thanks, Voldemort.

These two people know each other almost as well as their spouses know them. In many ways, they understand each other better than their spouses could ever hope. This year, they both know it’s a moment for a gesture gift – one that means more than other years. Next year, Jo trusts she’ll get her very simple, very loved, gift of a book or quidditch artifact from Harry, and she’ll be delighted by it. And Harry will be given a meaningful yet practical gift from his psuedo-mother, always friend. But today? Today’s a special day. And they both know it.


(Note: Obviously these things are not HP canon. Sue me. Actually. Don’t. Disclaimer, Disclaimer! Not my characters.)


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