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For the Love of Butterbeer

Recently, my sister posted a Buzzfeed quiz titled “Which Harry Potter Book Matches Your Personality?” on my Facebook wall. While the quiz was interesting – I got Prisoner of Azkaban, as did my sister – there was a particular question that created a lively discussion.

It happened to be the first question on the quiz:
Which professor would you want to take shots of firewhisky with? INTERESTING!
Who were the options?:
Hagrid, Lockhart, Lupin, Moody, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Snape, Flitwick.

WHAT OPTIONS! How do you choose? I chose the wonderful Remus Lupin. My sister, cousin, and best friend, however, chose Minerva McGonagall. My other half chose Mad Eye Moody. Then there was the discussion of who really was the better option. The McGonagall camp said she’d have amazing stories. I thought Lupin would be really adventurous. My other half thinks Moody is crazy – so let’s add firewhisky! I don’t think any of us are wrong, but it got me thinking: How would these professors act while drunk off Firewhisky, and is there a different drink I’d prefer to drink with them? Since the overwhelming choices were for McGonagall, Lupin or Moody (from my limited sphere), I went with the three of them. Tell me who you’d drink with in the comments!

Remus Lupin, Defense Against the Dark Arts:  I’ve always pictured, imagined, hoped Firewhisky would be something like Fireball is – cinnamon-y, but also just ON FIRE. I think that Lupin, after a shot or two, would be as though his werewolf aspect because one with his human aspect, and he’d just be really adventurous and outgoing despite his usual calming self. I would love it. I just imagine hearing all of these crazy stories about things he’s done as a werewolf when not on his wolfsbane potion. I very much want his werewolf experiences to not be ALL bad.

I still think overall I’d choose shots of firewhisky with Remus over any other drink I could have with him.

Minerva McGonagall, Transfiguration: The common thing my sister, cousin, and best friend said about McGonagall was HOW AWESOME her stories would be when she’d be taking shots of Firewhisky. They certainly have a point – she’s an incredible which who certainly has stories to tell. But I feel like firewhisky wouldn’t bring that out in Minerva. I think Minerva would PARTY. IT. UP. I feel like she’d be all about the dance floor, letting her hair out of the bun. And it would be awesome. I’d love to go to a club, take a couple shots, and dance a ton with Minerva McGonagall.

But, if I were being honest, I’d choose a Butterbeer for my preferred drink with her. I think butterbeer would give me that slow, sustaining evening where she would get a little loud, a little boisterous, and tell me all of her great stories.

Mad Eye Moody, Defense Against The Dark Arts (uh, sorta?): Mr. Moody is a difficult case. My other half chose him because he’s a badass, and I can’t really argue with that assessment. But I think Firewhisky would enhance all of the wrong qualities of his badassery. I feel like Moody would be that guy who gets really angry after taking shots of liquor, even though he can totally handle his alcohol. Ya know?! I feel like he would get a little aggressive and prone to arguments.

I’d rather drink a mulled mead with him. Though mead is high in alcohol content, I feel like he’d be able to handle it and it would calm him, putting him in the mood (no pun intended) to tell his insane stories from the past. They’d always be in the form of advice though; constant vigilance is a lifestyle, not just a saying!

What do you all think these professors would like to drink? We’ve got few scenes of drinking with drinks other than Butterbeer, and there are certainly more characters we could discuss. What DOES Flitwick like to drink? Or Snape. Do you think he gets a little less grumpy when he’s down a couple?


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Butterbeer

  1. Hagrid and Mad eye are always drinking, so there is little mystery to what a night out with them would be like.. Hagrid will probably need to be convince NOT to buy another illegal pet dragon while drunk, and mad eye will want to chase after dark wizards in his polka dot boxers and perhaps while riding one of hagrid’s illegal dragons. Flikwick would probably giggle a lot, i mean A LOT! and in the process make random things float. In fact, I can see him using the levitating spell on his drink of choice to make drinking that much faster. Dumbledore, I can’t see drunk him being too different from sober him.. But I do see him indulging in too many chocolate frogs. Snape is another one that I picture to be similar whether drunk or sober.. His sense of self control is different than McGonagall’s.. She is reserved out of scholarly duty and sees the importance of setting a good example. Snape is reserved for highly personal reasons and therefore would NEVER allow alcohol to affect his behavior. He probably whip up a potion to counteract the affects of alcohol and then sit back and let you spill all your dark secrets out for his own amusement. I like Lupin, but he is always kinda sad. I think a night out with him would be a very serious night. Not much laughing, no riduculous free spirited adventures. I think he would make a drunken night into a sobering experience. and not in a bad way.. in a “open your eyes” way.

    Lockhart would be the worst! he would be himself multiplied by 10 and you would literally drown in a pile of autographs.. yep, drinking with lockhart will kill ya..


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  2. The preference for Mad Eye is nearly entirely based on the stories he could tell, and the trouble you can get in.

    What’s the good in drinking if a little trouble isn’t going to come out of it. And I think Mad Eye would be that guy to help you have a little fun and bring out the “trouble” in everyone.

    Alternatively, I suspect a drunk Mad Eye would be a cross between Clint Eastwood, circa Gran Torino, and a barking dog. By the end of the night, you’d be hitting triple digits if you kept count of the “the damn kids today don’t know nothin.” And that’s a phrase that always leads to a good story.

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