Sarah Dessen Week: The Review

WOW. Here we are at the end of Sarah Dessen Week. I’m a bit sad. It’s been fun sifting through her universe again.

We’ve pretty much talked about it all. We’ve talked about her characters, we’ve talked about her universe, and we’ve even talked about what her books look like. Today, however, we’re going to talk about the book. THE. BOOK. The reason that I went on this crazy, week-long tangent. Saint Anything. It’s out, it’s here, and it’s great. It took me roughly 6 hours in total to read. But I’m a really fast reader. And I probably missed stuff because I was just SO excited. I’ll probably reread it super soon.  Anyway, onto the review…

REVIEW: Saint Anything, Sarah Dessen
Published: 2015
Length: 417

Plot: Sydney has always been invisible, living in the shadow of her older, charismatic brother, Peyton. When Peyton ends up in jail, she realizes maybe the attention is the last thing she wants. With her family solely focused on her brother, she meets and starts spending time with the Chathams, owners of a local pizza parlor.

Most Memorable Line(s): “With shame, like horseshoes, proximity counts.”

What I liked: THE PLOT. I love the whole idea behind this story. Though I’m the oldest, my sister is super charismatic and completely wonderful (she’s way better than Peyton, tbh), so I get how Sydney feels about being a little invisible. What I loved about this book is that she fell in love with a family, not just with one guy. (Although there’s the love story of course!). And this may sound strange, with such a large cast, but I loved the intimacy of this novel. There was just something that felt so personal, so carefully crafted. It really felt like I was looking into Sydney’s (and by extension, Dessen’s) soul. I felt like the intimacy slowed the pace a little bit, in a good way – the book didn’t feel slow at all. There were a lot of different elements to sift through in this book, but I never once though “wow, this is just too much.” It all very much fit. So yeah, it all just worked. I liked the different aspects. Something I really loved was that Dessen DIDN’T have Sydney totally lose touch with her “original” friends. It seemed that way for a bit, and I was a little disappointed, but she turned it around and I was really glad.

What I didn’t like: Call me crazy, but for some reason, I couldn’t picture some characters as well as I normally could. It didn’t really take away anything from the story though, so I’m not particularly peeved about it.  In particular, I had a really hard time picturing Mac. I don’t know why! That was the only thing that bugged me, and it was my own fault.

Grade: 9.5/10, because I had picture-in-head difficulties.


3 thoughts on “Sarah Dessen Week: The Review

  1. I totally agree with the characters. And as much as I liked Mac, I did think his character wasn’t that dynamic and lacked depth. :/ I’m glad you loved Saint Anything though. What better way to start a summer than with a Dessen book! 😉


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