Sarah Dessen Week: 3 Places I want to visit in Dessen’s world

Happy Tuesday! And welcome to post two of Sarah Dessen Week! TODAY her new book drops. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to the bookstore before work, so I’ve got to agonize all day until I can get there. To tide me over, I decided I’d talk about the world Dessen created today, and the 3 places I want to visit most.

The thing that’s great about Sarah Dessen’s universe is that her two towns of Lakeview and Colby are very much based on real places –  Chapel Hill and Emerald Isle in North Carolina. If you’re not from the East Coast USA, you might not know that NC has AWESOME weather, so it’s really just the perfect setting for a fictional world.

In no particular order, here are the 3 places I’d love to visit most in Lakeview/Colby:

1. Last Chance Diner
-Is it possible to read any of Dessen’s book set in Colby without making a stop at Last Chance? HECK NO! And I love her for that. From Keeping the Moon to Along for the Ride to The Moon and More, I get a massive craving for onion rings whenever I read the words “Last Chance Diner.” Especially because it’s on a boardwalk and everyone knows that you always get AMAZING food on boardwalks. Their burgers and fries sound great, too. Man, I love food, and I love Sarah Dessen for bringing me a place in her books that allows me to love food! Plus, the service doesn’t seem to be the worst in the world… unless Isabel is mad.

2. Clementine’s
-Also in Colby, this seems to be the perfect little shop to get a good outfit. I’m all about shopping local, and this kind of place (in real life, of course) is why! Employing people who understand and wear the clothes? Yes please. The selection also seems really great. A large jean selection is always key. But also selling bathing suits AND shoes? Honestly, what more do you need during the summer?

3. Bendo
-Bendo! Who doesn’t want a place where you can go listen to music about vegetables? The Potato Opus is a Truth Squad classic, and you’re unlikely to hear it many other places in Lakeview. I was a music junkie during high school, often going where ever I could to hear my friends in bands play shows. Despite never being served underage, I still enjoyed and had some trying times at those places, so I feel for Remy. When Dessen went back to Bendo in Just Listen, I was really excited because that was a place I felt like I knew really intimately, like it was a place akin to home.

There are obviously other places throughout Lakeview and Colby I’d like to visit. But these three are very distinct, particular settings that I connect with more than say, Abe’s Bikes – I’m not a big fan of riding bikes, so maybe I’d just window shop there. And Perkins Day/Jackson High? Well, I’ve already been to high school… no need to visit!


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