The Second Bi-Monthly Update

Hello, Lovely Readers! Can you believe it’s already the end of April? THE END. OF APRIL. We are 4 months through 2015, which means I am A THIRD OF THE WAY done with this project/challenge/journey. Absolutely ridiculous!

I hope you’re all having as much fun following along as I am with reading/writing for it.

During the months of March and April, I actually read two more books, 9, than I had read in January and February. Unfortunately, they were all shorter books, so I ended up reading roughly 200 less pages. I’m up to a total of 4,336 as of yesterday, April 29. My guide is 1,250 pages per month – to guarantee I reach the goal. What all of these numbers mean is I’m 664 pages behind my goal – about 400 pages farther behind than I was after February.

I also had way less diversity in my book choices – something I definitely want to work on again. Almost all of my books in the past two months, 5 of them, came from the Chronicles of Narnia. I read one short story, one YA, one Harry Potter (bringing my Children’s Lit total to 6) and one Literature/Satire (which was the best one yet).

And still, as I was at the end of February, I’m okay with this. March and April were really busy for me, work wise. Easter also happened, and I had my wisdom teeth removed, so I lost a few days there while I recovered (aka slept and ate ice cream/ mac & cheese). I still need to finish the Narnia books; I’m determined! And, as you may have noticed, I’m foraying into a re-read with the Harry Potter series, so that should certainly up my page total! Sarah Dessen also releases a new book next week, so you know that’s happening.

As always, thanks for coming on this adventure with me! I’ve got a lot more planned for the year and hope you’ll keep following along.


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