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HP Deco

So a few weeks ago, for the inspiration award post, I put up the fact that I have Harry Potter decorations in multiple rooms in my apartment. Some of you (cough Allie and Lizzy) were pretty pumped by this, so I figured it was time to finally show you what they are!

This first decoration was a Christmas gift this year from my sister. She knew I was moving, and decided she wanted to give me something practical. So she and my dad hand made this wooden key holder for me!

This second one is also a gift from my sister this past Christmas. She gets me. This is one of my favorite quotes in the series. (It’s even my Twitter bio). She bought the frame, which is glass matted, essentially. It’s really amazing. (And was purchased in Etsy.)

And finally! This bit of decoration is encompassed by six things. I’d purchased them years ago – before I even moved out on my own, but never got around to hanging them in my parents’ house. Then, my first apartment didn’t really cooperate with them…I had to buy a new frame for one after one fell and almost broke my other half’s tv. I say almost! The tv was fine 🙂


These are six pages from the first and third books with designs on them. We’ve got: the Hogwarts Express, a winged key, Harry seeking, a quidditch game, the Maurauders’ quote, and the Hogswarts Castle. They were bought on this Etsy site.

So there we are! My Harry Potter deco. I also “decorate” with the actual books – we have the hardcovers and paperbacks with boxed set on our bookshelves.


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