A Bi-Monthly Update

Lovely readers, can you believe that we’re already through TWO months of 2015? It’s pretty unbelievable, if you ask me.

Since we’ve been through two months, I realized that it might be useful for those of you following along with my journey to get an update and see where I’m at!

When dividing 15,000 by 12 you get 1,250. Right now, I’m at 2,286 pages read (Thanks to a book I finished this morning – review coming asap!). That means I’m a little over 200 pages behind where I technically should be at two months (2,500). Overall, I’m not disappointed with that at all. While I’m trying to achieve this goal, I’m also trying to do this while still having a life outside of the project. If I do literally nothing but read when I’m not at work… what’s the point? I’ll have no one to share this experience with. So I’m pleased – because January and February were busy months! There were a few important days to celebrate with my other half, I had a housewarming party, I made sure to see my friends outside of work. I also MOVED. Lots of fun things going on in Danielle World!

The 2,286 pages have come from 7 books. Two young adult, one nonfiction, one memoir, one classic/children’s lit, one fiction, and one thriller. That’s a pretty great variety! One of my reading resolutions for this year was to diversify my genres, so I think I’m doing well with that for sure.

I’ve also started two books that I haven’t finished yet. I’ve slightly abandoned one, but I’m still definitely reading the other, and hopefully I can do that within the next couple weeks to really push my page goal back to where it needs to be at the end of March/April.

For those of you following along and reading at home: how are you doing with your reading goals this year?


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