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Another Super End

WOW. This week has been absolutely crazy… so my “tomorrow” comment on Monday’s post is seeming a little bit absurd currently. So, lovely readers, I apologize for the delay.

I last left off with some scenes in two of my favorite stories that saw the tides turn in the heroes’ favors either by dumb luck (yes, yes, the catch had some athletic prowess, but it was also really lucky) and by extreme calculation.

Now, it’s time for the evildoers to have their moment in the sun.

When Jermaine Kearse made that catch, I think I could probably have heard the massive cry of devastation coming all the way from Boston. How could that happen! The ball was even tipped! There are lots of moments in literature that feel that way – where you’re so shocked that a situation turned out the way it did and you’re angry, because the villain totally got away with something he shouldn’t have. A great example of this?

-image from Google/Wiki

Peter ‘Wormtail’ Pettigrew from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
I know, I know, another Harry Potter! But it works, and my other half really reminded me how perfectly it fit into this situation. When Pettigrew is able to escape, a number of factors had to swing his way. Chained to multiple people while wandless was not a great place for him to be. He was completely going to get caught. BUT THEN! The winds shifted ever so slightly, revealing the full moon. WHAT are the chances! As Remus began shifting, Sirius was forced to try and save the others, and conveniently, wands were dropped within Pettigrew’s grasp. With the ability to turn himself into a rat, the chains would never hold him. And so we have the LUCKIEST CATCH EVER by Mr. Peter Pettigrew, who was able to reunite with his leader once more.

And now for the skill… who would have expected Belichick NOT to call a timeout there? It was unheard of. Obviously you call the timeout and make sure Tom Brady has enough time to get you back down the field. Instead, his lack of decision forced another great coach into overthinking his own. And when the Seahawks’ lined up, Patriots CB Malcolm Butler recognized the exact play they were going to run and made the improbable interception. Who else is evil enough to do something that doesn’t seem to benefit themselves while ensuring everything really does?

-image from Google

That’d be the villain of all villains ever, Iago, from Shakespeare’s Othello.
(Realizing I went on a real HP/Shakes binge for these posts…) Throughout the play, Iago is dominated by his desire for revenge (in the way, say that Belichick was dominated by his desire to shut his critics the eff up?) and carefully manipulated LITERALLY every person around him into doing what he wanted so he would come out on top. And boy does he! He ruins the lives of everyone he knows! Iago was always smarter than his opposition, able to anticipate every reaction to his words. I truly believe he is the smartest villain of all time, his gentle words create a seed of doubt in his compatriots, particularly Othello, and this doubt leads to the death of multiple people . Word to the wise: make sure your ensign isn’t a crazy jealous psycho when you promote someone over him.

And there we are! So, apologies again for being so late on this post. Now tell me: what scenes/characters (good and evil!) would you have picked, lovely readers?


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