The Lost…Review

REVIEW: The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown
Published: 2009
Length: 509

Most Memorable Line(s): “Even so, Langdon could not imagine such a vast change could be ushered in by… a word.
-I love anything that acknowledges the sheer power words and language have. So many people ignore the fact that our ability to communicate and say words and change what words mean is such an incredible feat. Words: the most powerful weapon, the most powerful peacekeeper.

So writing this review, I’ve said, was really hard! This was a fairly crazy book. I’ve written before about how much I love Dan Brown’s books, and this wasn’t really different. It was fun, captivating, slightly mesmerizing in a way. He also upped his game with the sinister and sort of disgusting element of his villain. I always cringe a bit when it comes to Dan Brown’s villains. They’re always just so….vile. Which obviously makes sense, because they’re villains. But this one takes the cake, I think. The villain is truly a warped individual, driven by all of the worst motivators: revenge, greed, pride (in the sinful sort of way)

This plot was more convoluted than his other books, as well. I’m not a newcomer to Dan Brown, clearly. So i’m well-versed in his tactic of conspiracy and his twists and turns. I think what made this one different for me was that I’m not versed AT. ALL. in “Freemason” things. The most I know about freemasons comes from National Treasure – which is such an extremely underrated movie, by the way. At least with The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons I had a little more experience in the worlds of art and Catholicism. This story, unlike the others, was slightly bogged down by all of the intricacies. There were moments I had to stop and really think about what was being said in a way that I didn’t need to do previously. Luckily, it didn’t take too much away from the fast pace. TLS was also a bit more… philosophical, in a way. Surprisingly, it was philosophical because of its scientific element. It dealt in Noetic science, which was something I’d never heard about and still haven’t decided if I believe it’s real. (I could just go on Wikipedia, but I haven’t.) So because I didn’t truly understand that, it was a little slower for me.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, less than The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, but more than Inferno (which had plenty of its own issues that deserve their own post). If you’re into thrillers, like American history, and love crazy twists and turns, this is a book you’ll enjoy!

Grade: 6.5/10… due to slightly bogged-down and confusing plot.


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