Let’s Fly Away

So it’s been a busy month – I mentioned previously I’ve been moving, and FINALLY the move has been completed! When I was unpacking my thing, I came across one of my favorite things – a gift from my sister from last Christmas. It’s a little plaque like you get at Barnes & Noble:


It’s honestly one of my favorite things to have in my home. There are so many books that have impacted me in my life, so really thinking about what books have given me wings was a challenging thought.

Ultimately, I came up with a book that sparked more than just my reading fun – it was one that sparked my desire to travel and learn about the world. It’s not “high class literature” by any means – many people actually hate on this author on a regular basis. I understand why, in a way, why he draws such criticism. But I really believe that his writing and intricate story telling makes up for it.

The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown.

I don’t actually remember when I first read this book. The movie came out in 2006 I believe? And I’m fairly sure that the genius that is Tom Hanks is the reason I really picked the book up. While I don’t remember when I read it, I most certainly remember how it made me feel. I was so excited, so enthralled, with this book. Robert Langdon, the book’s protagonist, is a little… stuffy? for me, but if I’m being honest, that’s part of his character. So I probably should have felt that way (I still do, too). A staple of a Dan Brown book is the myriad points of view. While there’s certainly a protagonist in Langdon, he shows all aspects of the story – truly. The reader is literally never kept in the dark. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy his books so much; I’m in constant suspense because I know what’s going on for the most part, and the characters I’m reading about don’t necessarily. It’s very stressful!

But this book really “gave me wings” so to speak because of the way Brown is able to completely immerse us in not only the real world, but also the “secret” ones. Full of conspiracies, this book is an international journey that brings the world to life. Never before reading this book had I wanted to go to the Louvre so much. And when I ultimately went a few years later, I thought of Brown’s writing. This year, my sister studied abroad in Italy. When we went to Rome, we traced Langdon’s steps from Angels and Demons; one of our most exciting moments was when we got the chance to yell “The angels! They’re pointing!” in front of Castle Sant’Angelo.

Brown wrote books that, for me, took me on a journey around the world. If that doesn’t count as giving me wings, I’m not quite sure what does!

What books give YOU wings, lovely readers?


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