FifteenThousand Resolutions

That’s right, FIFTEEN THOUSAND. Just kidding, that would be absurd. I have decided to do New Year “Resolutions” of sorts for the blog, though, to stay in the spirit of the holiday. Mostly, these are just the goals I have for my next calendar year of FifteenThousandPages.

Obviously, the overall goal or “resolution” for this page is to read 15,000 pages next year. If it wasn’t, well, I’d be doing a pretty silly thing with this blog here for sure.

So, with the obvious goal aside, here are a few resolutions/goals I have for the blog in 2015:

1. Diversify my genres: As I’ve noted on this blog before, I tend to get into ruts, funks, kicks, etc. with certain genres. I can read YA novels for 6 months at a time with no problem, but then I can’t read them for another 4. My experiences with Classics have been similar. Because I tend to read very similarly, I really want to focus on expanding what I read and trying new things. My sister suggested a great way to do this: theme months!

Some suggestions for this are: Memoir March! Romance during February (catchy title forthcoming)! New genre November (only read books from genres I’m not well versed in)! Or No Man November (only read women authors?!). Lots of possibilities for me to explore with themes.

Do you guys have any suggestions for theme months or other ways to diversify my genres?

2. Savor my readings. This may seem contradictory to reading a large number of pages, but something I often do is rush rush rush through books I want to read, and then I miss important parts or lines. Rushing helps my page count, since I then feel like I need to reread, but I really want to work on savoring the novels I read and really taking them in the first time. I’m already a fast reader. I don’t need to speed through it right at the start. My dad told me this year I was the only person he knew “who called 500 pages a quick read.” As such, I think it’s time I deliberately work to ensure I’m fully grasping what’s going on – not just skimming so I can reach my page goal. If I reach the goal but haven’t taken anything away from the myriad books I read, what was the point, really?

3. Tackle my to-read list. I have a terrible habit of putting books on a mental to-read list and then never reading them because I love re-reading and other new things catch my eye. No more! Or, well, not as much! A major goal of mine through this project is to really examine that to-read list in my head and get to it. I have a plethora of books in my head that I think about often but never actually get to reading. It’s not fair to those books! They deserve to be read and I’m determined to make that happen this year.

Scholastic tweeted out this gem earlier about #readingresolutions.

These are mine! What are yours?

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