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Recommendations and Recommending.

Fellow book people, I’ve got two questions for you:

1. Is there a book people are CONSTANTLY recommending to you?
2. Is there a book you are CONSTANTLY recommending to other people?

Here, read this! (image from Google)

There was an interesting article on The Huffington Post this week about “The Most Recommended Book of All Time.”

In what I thought was a slightly surprising but also not unexpected answer, HuffPo said To Kill a Mockingbird was most recommended. (You can check out their whole article here: I am ashamed, as I was with Austen, to say that I’ve never read this book. How? Not sure! It didn’t come up in high school for me. I bought it intending to read it, and just haven’t. But it’s on my list for the project, so hopefully I’ll be reading it in 2015.

>>EDIT: I just saw that Buzzfeed also posted an article about that this week! I guess it’s a pretty good topic to talk about right now. Find what they have to say here: <<

The article got me thinking, though. What’s the book I recommend most to people? I recommend A LOT of books to a lot of different people. What can I say, I love books! And I love encouraging people to read. I think reading is awesome. I think the book I’ve recommended most to people over the past few years comes courtesy of my best friend: Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven. A Christmas gift from her probably 5 years ago now, I read this book in 2.5 hours on Christmas morning while waiting for my family to get up (I love Christmas, so I still wake up super early). It’s a book that changed my life, to be quite honest. It impacted me to the core; it altered the way I viewed the world, and I’ll be forever grateful to her. there are two others I’ve recommended quite a bit recently as well: The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (I know, I’m obsessed. It’s a problem. You guys haven’t heard me talk Harry Potter yet though, so beware) and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Two completely different types of books, but so awesome nonetheless. I’ve recommended PJ to anyone who wants easier adventure reads, because honestly being inside the head of a 12-16 year old isn’t complicated, it’s just fun. And Atwood? Well, I love her. I had never read The Handmaid’s Tale until I went to the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville in Octover 2013. (Side note: amazing event.) I fell in love with that book. It had all of the elements that I loved about her MaddAdam books (Oryx and Crake in particular) with that extra dose of ‘terrifyingly possible’ added in. It was one of the first books I recommended to my other half, and when he read it and enjoyed it, I knew it was a book that I would going to 1) cherish and 2) recommend more often.

I’d recommend any of the books I just mentioned to you guys. There are very few I’ve told people NOT to read. Maybe I’ll talk about those next time.


5 thoughts on “Recommendations and Recommending.

  1. There isn’t a particular book that people recommend often to me. I usually get a lot of one time recommended titles. My best friend and I will often just regift our favorite books to each other at christmas or birthdays.

    but the books I recommend most often are, and in not particular order:

    1. Sex Lives of Cannibals – J. Maarten Troost — Travel Memior and hilarious. light read and informative

    2. Yoga Bitch – Suzanne Morrison — Yoga/travel memior and also hilarious. easy read and relatable if your are the type of person who wants and sorta believes in there being a spiritual connection but still have a foot firmly set in reality.

    3. ANYTHING by Robertson Davies. My favorite author. Known for trilogies that take place in Canada. My fave are Rebel Angels and The Cunning Man.

    4. Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates — Tragic, honest and exposes the dark consequences of living to fit into a socially structured box.

    5. The Namesake – Jhumpa Lahiri — one of the most beautifully and empathetic books I have ever read. Her writing reminds me of faded photo albums and the stories those yellowed polaroids would tell if they could speak.

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  2. I love this post!! I absolutely recommend Tuesdays with morrie by Mitch Albom a lot (his books are just great for even those who don’t love to read). Some of my go-to recommendations are also the kite runner, invisible monsters, and the Narnia books. Recently, I’ve been pushing the divergent series on anyone who hasn’t read it yet (ugh I just love it).
    The books people recommend to me the most are usually fad books (not mad about it): twilight when it first came out, same with hunger games, divergent, game of thrones, etc.
    PS I cannot believe you’ve never read to kill a mockingbird!!!!


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