Only Three More…

Only three Sundays left in 2014. THAT IS CRAZY. It’s a bit hard to comprehend, honestly! So much is going on at the end of this year, but don’t worry, lovely readers! I wouldn’t possibly forget a review for you guys.

The next two weeks are going to be reviews of the same author, because I apparently don’t know how to plan 8 weeks in advance! Oh well!

REVIEW: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Rick Riordan
Length: 313
Published: 2014

Basic Summary: This is a fun one. Told in the point of view of Percy Jackson, of Percy Jackson and the Olympians fame, this book has ~20 chapters that tell the origin stories and most well known Greek myths about the Olympian gods. I’m super, super into fairy tales and mythology, which is why I love Rick Riordan so much (But I’ll talk more about that later!). So this book, complete with full page color art by incredible artist John Rocco, tells the stories of the Greek Gods. It talks about Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hades, Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Hermes, Demeter, Persephone, and Dionysus, and does so in Percy Jackson’s signature sarcastic (hey, he’s only 16!) way.

Most Memorable Line(s): Honestly, some of the best lines in this book are the chapter titles. My two favorite: “Persephone Marries Her Stalker” and “Hephaestus Makes me a Golden Llama (Not Really, But He Totally Should).”

OKAY! Rick Riordan time! Two straight weeks! I love Rick Riordan. I discovered him (I’m ashamed to say…) when watching the movie version of his first Percy Jackson book, The Lightning Thief on my flight home from London in August 2010. The movie wasn’t exactly good… at all… but it was interesting enough that I wanted to read the books. So I started reading the books in Winter of 2010-11, and luckily I’ve been blessed with Percy ever since. This book, Greek Gods, is so unbelievably beautiful and creative. Percy Jackson cover artist John Rocco takes these myths and truly brings them to live in amazing color (as you can see below).

Ouranos throwing the Cyclopes into Tartarus, by John Rocco. (image from Google/Hypable)

The best part about this book, though, is truly the writing of Riordan. Having been in Percy’s world for about ten years now, he’s really perfected Percy’s voice. Sarcastic and modern, Percy knows the way into the hearts and minds of the middle-grade students Riordan is “technically” writing for. He uses common slang (i.e. the feels, n00b, etc.) and has found a way to explain the crazy details and insanely difficult stories in perfectly understandable ways. I’ve read many of these myths in more adult-focused books, and these are just so entertaining. These stories capture the most important aspects of the gods’ characters and makes them fun for young kids… and 24-year-olds like me! There’s not much else to say about this book. It’s beautiful and fun, and you all should pick it up!

By the way, this is a coffee table-sized book. It’s not small, so the illustrations really shine. The font is also gigantic, so it’s easy to read šŸ™‚

Grade: 10/10 … does exactly what it sets out to do. Can’t wait for the next one: Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes.


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