Seven to go

Only SEVEN Sundays left! So close to the new project, but so much will happen in between.

Today, I’m reviewing one of my favorite books from the last year.

REVIEW: Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn
Length: 415
Published: 2012

Brief Summary: Nick and Amy Dunne have been married five years when Amy disappears on their fifth anniversary. Nick doesn’t seem to be reacting properly; is he the one to blame for her disappearance? In this novel, nothing is what it seems.

Most Memorable Line(s): “‘Should I remove my soul before I come inside?’ Her first word upon arrival.” OR “The sun was still an angry eye in the sky. You have been seen. My gut twisted, and I moved quicker. I needed a drink.” (I couldn’t choose. It’s my blog, so I decided I don’t have to!)

OKAY! So as I said before, this is one of my FAVORITE books that I read this year. Truly, truly an incredible read. I’ve mentioned this book already in another blog post (“Where’s my Hair of the Dog?”) because of how it affected me. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to do anything but read this book. Only problem: I couldn’t read it at night! IT’s a book filled with twists and turns and quickly becomes very creepy. But the incredible thing here is that not only is it insanely creepy and twisted, it’s amazingly written. I wrote previously that I felt like my brain was in two halves reading this: one half savoring the story, the other half savoring the writing style. I’m an editor, so I’m truly a sucker for good writing, but I don’t necessarily need the writing to end all writing to enjoy a story. In fact, I routinely enjoy stories that people scoff at because of the “poor writing.” I’m not hard to please with books, really. Does it have an interesting story and tolerable writing? I can probably read it. But when I find a book with writing that blows me away to the point this book did? I savor it. I try to read slowly, which isn’t super easy. Unfortunately, not only was the writing top notch in this book, the story was just as good. It’s truly a can’t-put-it-down novel. Flynn effortlessly (it seems!) weaves in sympathy with scorn, disdain with delusion. The twists she puts in, the chapter cliffhangers she makes her readers endure, they’re all crazy and wonderful, and make this book one that I will recommend to any and everyone, New York to Alaska.

Grade: 10/10. Go out and pick this book up now.

NOTE: I know it’s a movie now, but I still haven’t seen it. This is a review of the BOOK only.


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