The Last Eight

Hello, world! So sorry again for that work-related hiatus. Election Day has come and gone, however, which means it’s time for more fifteenthousandpages fun!

I realized the other day that there’s only 8 Sundays left in 2014. EIGHT. Is that not the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard? This year has truly flown by. For the final stretch, before 2015 and my second attempt at this project begin, I’ve decided to review 8 books – in no particular order – I read during my unsuccessful attempt at 15k this year. I tend to reread a lot, so for this little list I’m going to only review books I had not read previously. Next year, I’ll do a short review for every book (new or old) that I read.

As are all reviews, these will be extremely subjective opinions of mine. I completely welcome any agreement, disagreement, or questions about my opinions in the comments, but play nice! Behind these pixels is just a person trying to share their love of reading with the world (or whomever decides to read this blog!)

When I review, I’m going to look for these things:
1. Brief, non-spoiler summary (even for the classics!)
2. Most memorable line(s)
3. Completeness of story – aka do I feel satisfied after reading it? Are there lingering questions? (In the case of purposeful cliffhangers – do I feel satisfied with where the story left off? Am I anxious for more?)
4. Ultimately, did I like it? not like it? Why?
5. Tangible details, i.e. length, date published.
6. Final grade out of 10.

It’s a simple list that will lead to hopefully enjoyable reviews! If there is anything else you’d like to see from these reviews, let me know! This list is certainly not set in stone (thank goodness WordPress allows you to edit entries, right?!).

Without further ado, the first review:

REVIEW: The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom
Length: 222
Published: 2012

Most Memorable line(s): Nim was wrong. There was no divine battle between day and night. Dor had captured them both in a bowl.

So this was an interesting book for me to read. I love, love, love Mitch Albom. His novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven truly changed my life. It altered the way I think of things, and really impacted me at the core. This was the first book of Albom’s I had read since Five People and Tuesdays with Morrie. I was pretty excited by the concept of this little book, but have to say I was ultimately disappointed. Was it a good book? Absolutely. Albom has talent that is undeniable. I felt this story was too preachy, however. Everyone who reads Albom knows his stories are like fables, there’s always a moral. The Time Keeper, however, takes it a bit too far for my taste. The story is extremely complete; when it finished, I was glad I had read to the end. It was fairly predictable, though. There’s a clear progression throughout the book – obvious lessons characters must learn and a specific chapter timeline in which they must learn them. What saves this story, for me, is the strength of the characters Albom created. The concept, while interesting, wasn’t developed much past the initial idea. His main character, Dor, is easily my favorite part of the story. Dor’s past is a clever and interesting way to think of the world, and I never bristled at the idea that Dor was delivering the moral lessons to our other protagonists, Sarah and Victor. Sarah and Victor are fairly predictable characters, but Albom gives them each a great range of emotion and a depth to their ultimately simplistic desires.

Overall, this is a simple, easy read that was fine, but I wouldn’t rush out to your local B&N to pick it up.

Grade: 5.5/10

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