From Slumps to Kicks

Hi All! So sorry for the lack of posts this week. I work in politics, so as you can imagine this time is a teensy bit unpredictable and busy right now!

But right now, I’m back and I’m ready to talk about the thing that most often gets me out of slumps (as we discussed recently) is getting into reading kicks. You know what a reading kick is, when there’s a genre, author, etc. that you just CAN’T. PUT. DOWN.

Right out of college, ironically, I got into a kick of reading Classics. After so long of trying to avoid the classic authors, I found myself indescribably drawn to them. I wanted to read Stevenson and Steinbeck and Verne. I couldn’t get enough! Then that fascination waned. I could put down Wilde and pick up something, anything, else.

There is one “kick” I always come back to, and one that I happen to be in the middle of now: YA.

I love young adult and children’s fiction. Love it. I find it completely incredible. And for the past couple years, the pinnacle has focused on two authors for me: Sarah Dessen and Rick Riordan. I’ve read Dessen since high school, she writes the perfect teenage girl – i.e., one who’s real, has problems, and wants to make herself better. I’ve always identified with that, as have most girls I know. And then there’s Riordan. His Percy Jackson and the Olympians series drew me in really quickly when I began reading it late in college. Then, amazingly, there was a second series! A follow up! Hallelujah. Unfortunately, that series had only just begun, and was being released one book a year. Only a couple weeks ago, the final book was released. I mentioned it when talking about book hangovers. I’ve been on this kick so long, I’m not really sure how to stop!

I love reading kicks. I think it’s fun to zero in on a specific trait of a book you enjoy and follow it to other books that you may have never read otherwise. That’s how I found my favorite Steinbeck writing ever: The Pearl. While on my classic author kick, I randomly picked up the 90 page novella at a Barnes and Noble. An incredible story about family, I’d recommend it to everyone in the galaxy. (That’s right: galaxy. I love this story so much I’m not limiting it simply to Earth.)

Do you all find you come back to a certain genre/author/etc. on a regular basis (enough to call it a kick?) What sort of books have you fallen into during your kicks?


2 thoughts on “From Slumps to Kicks

  1. I alsof love to read young adult and children’s fiction, another genre I go back to when in a slump is chick lit. A few of those can help me get out of a slump and sometimes into a kick 🙂


  2. As you know, I also LOVE YA and it can always get me out of a slump. My recent kick? Dystopian futuristic fiction- hunger games trilogy, divergent trilogy, maze runner trilogy. They are so full of action and it’s great to let my mind expand to the thought that what we know now could turn into these worlds. I get lost in them!


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